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From updating websites, to marketing the business, to fulfilling orders - there are so many components that go into running an online store.

The E-commerce Playbook breaks down some of the key areas of running an online business and provides growth hacks, strategies and successful global case studies on how to dramatically grow your online business.

The E-commerce Playbook is broken down into the following sections:

Chapter 1. Website Traffic
Learn how to boost the number of visitors to your site. From Facebook advertising, to generating virality for your content, in this chapter we cover hacks to being the brand that people share.

Chapter 2: Conversion
Increased traffic? Check. Now to convert that foot traffic into sales. Here we share some of the most effective ways to drive up your Conversion rate.

Chapter 3: Customer Lifetime Value
The best opportunity for revenue is often your existing customer base. In this chapter we dive into strategies and techniques to activate your existing customer base.

Chapter 4: Data & Metrics
Tracking your data to ensure that you are best utilising your marketing resources is key to effective digital marketing. In this chapter we explore the metrics you should be tracking, and how to analyse the data to identify opportunities for explosive growth.

Chapter 5: Tools
In Chapter 5, we look into some of the most effective tools and resources available for you to manage and run your online business. This is a breakdown of SAAS tools and free databases where we've done the hard work sorting the wheat from the chaff for you.

About the author

Rohit Bhargava

Rohit helps launch, grow and fund businesses.

He was previously the Co-Founder & CEO of StageLabel, a crowdfunding for fashion platform that helped launch and grow +150 brands globally.

Rohit is now the Founder & Director of Growth Marketing Agency, Playbook Media, Executive Director of Acceleprise Australia and Host of The Startup Playbook Podcast which hit #3 on iTunes 3 days after launching.